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Siddhartha is an interdisciplinary artist from India with a wide-ranging practice, in which he explores themes of Recovery from Trauma. He typically works with found objects, residual material fragments, and traditional mediums while incorporating specific video and audio art components, performance arts practices, and builds motorized and mechanical contraptions that assist in the creation of his work. Most of his projects are envisioned as long term undertakings in the study and documentation of Unconscious Conflict.


A brief stint in Advertising gave him insight into contemporary thought, compelling him to look for answers in the disciplines of Developmental and Abnormal Psychology. Through exercises in learning the ways of the human mind and heart, he attempts to capture the passage of time taken for inner change and transformation; his raw material constituting the moments between cycles of being and otherness. His goal remains to create works of a transitory nature, that invade the viewers senses and keep renewing themselves into the now.   


“For me, Art is a “happening”, and it happens when you’re not looking too closely. It’s a sphere of reality that expands to absorb everything you learn along the way, and then the work becomes what it becomes. It is in the act, not in its conclusion." says Siddhartha about his process.

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Artist Statement

My praxis is rooted in the Self-Concept, and the transient nature of Self. Through my work I investigate Trauma and Recovery, and build constructs that enable an exploration of our beliefs, how we perceive ourselves and others, and the roles we think we play in Society. I extract insights from the Posthuman, the Akashic/Cosmic and a study of Developmental & Abnormal Psychology, and sometimes even Neurosciences. My process is performative by nature, and I play in the gray area between event and consequence. The temporality of life in its current social condition with all its travails, is of great significance to me and I see everyone in the world as entities living out their own "Hero's Journey". It is this journey that I attempt to capture and document through my projects; as if recording the passage of change through a physical process of "time-lapsing".


I use multiple mediums, the artifacts morph and change in stages. Themes move freely between works on paper and canvas, experimental video projections, installations & sound baths, and performative as well as participatory art practices. I create playgrounds for minds to enter into. I see myself as an artist who converts matter and energy into other forms through transitory processes. I investigate ideas of Control, Free Will and several other components of being human.  


I  am all about Access. I provoke my audiences with simplicity and directness. The interactivity and emotional content of my work is conscientiously planned and executed. I aim to inspire metacognition and awareness. I am an Autodidact, and a keen Phenomenologist currently expanding my praxis with a study of ArtScience, New Media Arts Practices, and a deep dive into Sound Art/Musique Concrète.


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