Winter Residency, Het Huis Utrecht

To research construct creation by thorough and extensive exploration of materials used. To document the passage of time, by recording physical changes in process outcomes. Study disintegration, dissolution, and blending, and to attribute relevant emotional content to the aforementioned processes.


At the core of it all is an investigation into the liminal space between the people we used to be, and the people we will become in the future.

For a day by day documentation of my experience, visit @ArtIsTheAntidote on Instagram.

Turn it up! This video has sound.

The components I have explored through my time at the residency are; A sculptural video installation, a 10 meter long work of art on paper created with my continuously upgrading painter robot, a completed exploration of 24 panels from an “energy & momentum diffusion” study, and movement responsive floor panels for performance and movement artists - their own bodies complete the circuits, and trigger sounds making way for a truly intuitive performance! 

In December 2021, I had the privilege to work on several of my concepts, with complete freedom to explore, in a large studio space at Het Huis Utrecht - The premier institution for Performance Art in the Netherlands. The project has come together beautifully, and will continue to grow & expand as I prepare for a studio/gallery exhibit to be hosted sometime in 2022.

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"From outside of Time"

Film & Music (Ongoing, current body of work)

Four films, and four Musique Concrète scores; A story of momentary suspension and introspection on the nature of time. Hours of observational footage and field recordings translate into a narrative that provokes questions about our reason for being, and the smallness of our presence in a giant universe that remains seemingly still to the naked eye. 

Conceived through the Art Residency Program with World of Co, Sofia

Date: May & June 2021

"Blue Sky"

"French Window"

"The Edge of The Pond"

"The Tree Outside"

"Morphing Shadow"

In collaboration with Maryam Khaleghiyazdi

Winner! Professional Exploration category of the World Illustration Awards 2021, published in The Guardian on 10/12/2021

“Morphing Shadow” is an animation short about a girl who has moved away from her home country. Whenever she gets bored and/or lonely and needs her family, she morphs her shadow into a box that contains the memories of her family members. She takes her family members out of the box, communicates with them and returns them back to the box, finally morphing it back into her shadow. The presence of a snake symbolizes dual feelings, happiness, depression and other intrusive thoughts that plague the minds and lives of immigrants across the world. The music does justice to the feelings of hope, and resurgence of everyday courage, and the strength to retain individuality in the face of isolation and loneliness.

Morphing Shadow; conceived through the Art Residency Program with World of Co, Sofia

Date: December 2020

"House of Correction"

The terrifying mundaneness of routine, a desperation for human touch, mounting loneliness & crumbling mental peace, and the infeasibility of an escape plan; House of Correction is a 3 minute 50 second long interpretation of solitary confinement through the currently ongoing pandemic, that alludes to the many facets of suffering brought on by isolation.

House of Correction; conceived through the Art Residency Program with World of Co, Sofia

Date: June 2020

Oasis 1.4 "Symbiote"

Oasis version 1.4 is an Organism that is born out of me and circumstances. We are in a symbiotic relationship. My studio provides a nurturing environment for both of us.


The videos/films and audio art are being made for capturing the birthing essence of the project. The performance art exercise itself, is an act of harnessing the instinctive force of Oasis as an organism, and allowing that energy to flow through me while Oasis creates itself. I am the channel. The installation is its form, complete with a beating LED heart, with the power of 3.6 volts, and a mirror for a soul.

Oasis 1.4 OST - Symbiote

An audio interpretation of the birth of the organism 

7 minutes 7 seconds *Play on high definition headphones/sound systems for a better listening experience

Oasis: Story so far

Brought together through the Covid 19 pandemic, Oasis is an organic process driven, continuously evolving, transformative body of art. It is made of found objects, visual art, acts of performance, films, sculptural elements, and poetry. Every new version is formed out of the same objects, but aligned to a different context every time. It is a concept of our world.

Oasis; conceived through the Art Residency Program with World of Co, Sofia

Date: Currently ongoing long term body of work in Sofia, Bulgaria

Previous Versions

Amalgamation of Silences

This is a story on the subject of healing and emerging from enduring trauma.

Trauma causes fractures in the soul, inevitably leading to a consolidation of oppressive fears, self-imposed constraints, and the inner censorship of agonizing feelings. “Amalgamation of Silences” is about the space and time between inner suppression and liberation. It is the chaos of emotions and thoughts constantly intersecting and overlapping inside a person who lives with unconscious conflict.

I find my inspiration in the workings of the human mind, and this body of work is my attempt at triangulating consciousness through the prism of visualization, moving images, and anonymous voices.

Amalgamation of Silences; conceived through the Art Residency Program with World of Co, Sofia

Date: January to February 2020, Exhibited in Sofia, Bulgaria on 26th February 2020

Amalgamation of Silences

Experimental Audio for Amalgamation of Silences

The Grain of Thought

A solo show of works created through my time in Auroville, India. The body of work was conceived through a month long residency period. It revolves around how the mind works, particularly attempting to capture "The Grain Of Thought" as if weaving a fabric of emotion, with paint strokes. It is a spiritual exploration of the different states of mind we go through on a day to day basis, and my inspiration comes from human behavior, motivations, conflict, drivers and dreams.

The Grain of Thought; conceived through the Art Residency Program at Bharat Nivas, The Pavilion of India, Auroville, Pondicherry 

Date: November to December 2017, Exhibited at Gallery Square Circle, Auroville, Pondicherry, India


My practice began with visual art, in 2012.  I work on a variety of surfaces - Cloth, Canvas, Wood, MDF Boards and recycle packaging materials/found objects into collages and embedded elements in my paintings. The subjects that inspire me the most are Cities, Love, Isolation, Death, Nature, Space and Human Behaviour. My technique is committed to repetition, layering and textures, and my process is one of constant give and take between me and the exploration of my subjects.