"French Window"

Selection for Sacred Strands 2021 - i19 Gallery | Good Crowd Events - Curator Elaine T. Nguyen

Best Viewed on Laptops/Desktops with HD Speakers/Headphones

"French Window" is one of the four films and Musique Concrète scores created in my long duration, currently ongoing project “From outside of Time”.  The footage is speeded up 1000 times, and the waveform of the original film sound, and accompanying field recordings have been reinterpreted into a durational, experimental Musique Concrète score.

Duration: 7 Minutes (6:58)
Resolution: 1080 X 1920
Frame Rate: 30 FPS
Sound: Dual Channel Stereo with a sample rate of 48000 kHz

To watch the other three films feel free to scroll about my website!

Conceived through the Art Residency Program with World of Co, Sofia

Date: May & June 2021 (Made in Tarn, France)